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Carl’s love of music began at the age of seven when he picked up the accordion.  After years of lessons and lugging the heavy accordion around, he moved onto the saxophone.


Continuing his musical studies in high school, a classmate invited him to join his band named The Ambassadors, better known as Rick Saucedo and the Fabulous Ambassadors.  While still attending high school, Carl was playing numerous venues throughout the Chicagoland area.  He continued to play with The Ambassadors for about seven years while touring cross-country with The Elvis Show.


Afterward, Carl took a reprieve and stopped playing for about 15 years, until a friend asked for his number to give to a guy who was interested in a sax player for his oldies band.  That guy was Danny Campos from The Wanderers.  After sitting in on a few rehearsals with the band, he was asked to join.  The Wanderers soon became Danny & the Twisters and there he has played for 30+ years!


Having played oldies music for most of his career, it is definitely his favorite listening choice.  He also enjoys listening to jazz, country, soul and even some classical.  His second passion in life is old cars.  He can often be found at local car shows throughout the area.


 Carl Bruno
Saxophone / Vocals